Please let me know when ordering any of the items below if you want to hold and ship all together if you order molds, or do you want the fragrance and butter items shipped now?

French Lavender , Sandalwood  and the Frankincense are as follows:

4 oz        $8.00 each

8 oz        $13.50 each

16 oz     $27.00 each

Patchouli is still high so the following are prices:

4 oz        $9.50

8 oz        $15.00

16 oz     $30.00


The shea aloe butter ( the same rich creamy shea aloe I had before) is as follows:

1 lb         $9.00

2 lb         $16.00

4 lb         $28.00


Milkyway Molds will be $5.50 each for the molds priced at $8.25 on their website.   Any of the items can be ordered but I have to check prices ( ie  large tray molds, etc).

Be sure to make your selections at the milkywaymolds.com  website, then send me the item number and name at the following email address:  



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